Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

Veterans Affairs Medical Centers


The Bureau of Office Services has been providing medical transcription and electronic document processing services to government facilities for over 25 years.  We currently serve hospital facilities and their affiliated clinics across the United States.

Our pool of 50+ transcriptionists and interface specialists with full clearance have an average of 16 years' experience processing report types unique to armed forces health issues and are accustomed to transcribing a huge variety of dialects and unique jargon. They know the importance of meeting turnaround times ranging from 1 to 24 hours while maintaining transcription quality and accurate interface specifications of completed reports.

Contractual Fulfillment

The Bureau’s management and IT staff thoroughly understand and adhere to all contractual obligations inherent in government contracts. We are fully aware of the importance of security, personal and timely communication with your staff, turnaround times, quality assurance, verifiable billing, contingency plans, record storage, regulations, and prevailing wage rates, to name a few, and are available 24/7 to address any problems or concerns.

Performance Standards

Quality Assurance (QA) is a continuous and integral part of the Bureau’s automated document processing system. QA staff adhere to standards based on DoD, VA, AAMT, and JCAHO publications. These standards are designed to provide accurate and timely processing of reports for the VAMC’s and informative feedback to transcription and managerial staff.


Our ability to listen and react to the needs of your staff combined with our vast knowledge and experience working with varied government platforms enables Bureau staff to provide solutions to resolve any problems that may arise in a timely manner when transitioning from a previous service provider to the Bureau and throughout the length of the contract. The Bureau is pleased to be able to do its part to assist.


Transcriptionists, QA editors, Interface Specialists, and Administrative personnel have all completed the extensive background investigations and security clearances required for  any Bureau employee involved with the day-to-day processing of government work including:

  • National Rules of Behavior
  • Rules of Behavior for each command and facility
  • Statement of Commitment and Understanding
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Privacy Policy Web Training

Additionally, as part of each transcriptionist’s Employment Agreement with the Bureau of Office Services, he or she must read and acknowledge understanding of the HIPAA-Specific Employee Rules Notice.

Our corporate security policy ensures that our systems, networks and data are safe and available. Employees work within the framework of an encrypted, streamed environment. This means that sensitive data is only stored in our secure Class III data center. When you entrust the Bureau with your data, you can rest assured that all access is protected, meticulously documented (logged) and relevant. Bureau systems are fully HIPAA compliant and a complete history of access to records is immediately available for all processed work. All encryption, network and security requirements are met or exceeded by Bureau protocols.

User-Friendly Dictation Technology

Dictating healthcare providers using the Bureau’s Crescendo dictation/transcription system have a variety of options to select from when dictating reports. For those who choose to use a standard telephone, toll-free numbers are provided without additional charge. Others such as radiologists may find it more convenient to use Bureau-provided PC-based dictation integrated directly into PACS or portable digital handheld units with bar code scanning capability. Once the provider has completed his or her dictation, audio is then encrypted  and transferred securely to the Bureau’s servers.

Providers at facilities electing to use their own dictation systems are historically limited to dictating via standard phones. In such cases, Bureau transcriptionists either dial into the facility’s system to transcribe reports or when an HL7 demographics and/or orders feed to the Bureau’s system is available, copies of media files are transferred to the Bureau’s servers and production staff work via the Bureau’s secure system.


Completed reports are returned to each facility by the Bureau’s dedicated staff of Interface Specialists either via automatic interface or uploaded on your schedule. Users at your facility then have the reports as soon as they are completed so your staff can easily track and manage, verify and audit every aspect of processing. In addition,  Bureau staff with access to your servers can even verify patients’ records and handle alert and exception processing as necessary.

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