Healthcare / Medical Transcription 

The Bureau of Office Services has provided medical and specialty dictation and transcription services since its inception.  The Bureau provides services 24/7/365. Dictation, voice recognition, medical, and specialty transcription, automated quality assurance and integrated delivery workflow are core products upon which our diverse customers and their staffs depend.

Utilization of the Bureau's core of automated workflow tools and products allows our customers to cut costs in the most expensive areas such as human resources, benefits, technology and equipment.  Today's margins are razor thin and it is difficult to find ways to make significant reductions that have a meaningful effect on the bottom line.  Outsourcing all or part of your dictation and transcription needs is one way to achieve meaningful cost cuts while still being able to deliver the quality product and service that your customers depend upon.  Utilizing our services is a transparent yet effective methodology for improving your bottom line!

The Bureau of Office Services offers complete and comprehensive solutions for all your medical record needs. Our dictation systems allow flexibility in terms of capacity and number of simultaneous dictators.  The dictation network utilizes high-end commercial dictation equipment with reporting flexibility and solid redundancy.  All voice is stored for a minimum of six months, or more, so that dictation may be reviewed many months after the original dictation.  Processing and electronic return of patient information is safe and secure.  Turnaround time, accuracy and adherence to format requirements are all monitored closely.

The Bureau is able to adapt to your electronic medical record needs and will customize a solution specific to your needs.



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