Company Values

Company Values


The Bureau provides a quality product customized to meet the needs of our clients.  We have a dedicated and functionally separate Quality Assurance department.


We firmly believe that our clients have the right to expect privacy in the collection and sharing of their data.  We have stringent safeguards in place to assure that the data of our clients is not compromised.  We do not outsource, offshore, or subcontract project management, production, information systems or other contract related work.


Our corporate security policy ensures that our systems, networks and data are safe and available. Employees work within the framework of an encrypted, streamed environment. This means that sensitive data is only stored in our secure Class III data center. When you entrust the Bureau with your data, you can rest assured that all access is protected, meticulously documented (logged) and relevant. Bureau systems are fully HIPAA compliant and a complete history of access to records is immediately available for all processed work. 


In our business, timing is everything.  We guarantee our turnaround times so that our clients can depend on their work getting to them in accordance with their expectations.  Turnaround time is monitored closely.  The Bureau’s dictation and transcription systems automatically track and dynamically assign dictation job priority based on worktype, age and priority parameters.


Throughout the Bureau's 50-year history, one of our hallmarks has always been accuracy in the work that we produce for our clients. 

Performance Standards

We meet or exceed the industry performance standards and continually strive to exceed our own performance standards as well as those set by our clients.  Standards related to turnaround time, accuracy, adherence to format requirements and billing verification are controlled and managed by automated processes.

Experience in the Industry

The Bureau has been in business for 50 years and we are proud of our extensive experience.  This experience allows us to customize a solution for your transcription needs.

Client Interaction

We appreciate our clients’ business and provide personal service via one point of contact.  Each clients is assigned an account manager who is responsible for day-to-day interactions with them.


The Bureau prides itself on being honest and straight forward in its dealings with our clients.  We utilize verifiable billing and audit methods.


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