Webcast Transcripts Podcast transcription

Audio is today and now.  Transcripts provide accurate references forever.   Don’t mistake something you think you heard.  The Bureau, with it’s state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, can provide a complete and accurate transcript of either audio or audio/video webcasts, single or multiple voices.

  • Media Broadcasts
  • Lectures
  • School Lessons
  • Conferences
Our offerings include high quality, accurate and confidential transcripts. In addition, our sophisticated audio and video pre-processing technologies complement our staffs' capability to quickly overcome the technical challenges that cause others to stumble. Our procedures, equipment and expertise gives us the ability to:
  • Enhance deficient recordings
  • Recognize interview participants
  • Identify context and subject changes
  • Document overlapping speech
  • Accurately interpret specialized terminology and jargon
Depending on your needs, we offer the following options for webcast processing:
  • Time coding per your specifications
  • Precise verbatim (including "uhms and uhs" and "stut-stuttering")
  • Loose verbatim (remove "uhms and uhs" and any non-verbal utterances)
  • Language translation
  • Speaker and participant identification or generic Q: and A: identification
  • Special formatting and templates per your specifications
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